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Private Label and Contract Manufacturing

Various Gummy Base and Shapes Options Available
Gummy Vitamins and Supplements
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Fully Customized Capsule Solutions

Private Label and Contract Manufacturing
Vitamins and Minerals / Herbals and Botanicals / Probiotics
Infinite Formulation Options / Fastest Turnaround / Minimum-Order

Fully Customized Tablet Solutions

Private Label and Contract Manufacturing
Vitamins and Minerals / Herbals and Botanicals / Specialty Supplements
Infinite Formulation Options / Fastest Turnaround / Minimum-Order

Fully Customized Softgel Solutions

Private Label and Contract Manufacturing
Vitamins and Minerals / Herbals and Botanicals / Specialty Supplements
Infinite Formulation Options / Fastest Turnaround / Minimum-Order
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Packaging Excellence

We provide specialized packaging solutions for products related to natural health including herbal supplements, organic foods, natural skincare items, eco-friendly health products, and similar goods.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

We produce products on behalf of your companies. Such as supplement brands, health product retailers, or businesses looking to create your own line of dietary supplements.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our private label services allow your businesses to brand the unique and personalized supplement blends without having to invest in manufacturing facilities or formulation.


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Premium Quality Assurance: JY Care is committed to delivering top-tier natural health products with rigorous quality control, backed by extensive formulation expertise and nutritional fortification.

Versatile Customization: JY Care offers a wide array of customization options, from packaging choices to gelatin bases, catering to diverse client needs and preferences.

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Customer-Centric Approach: With dedicated customer support and a focus on cost-effective solutions, JY Care ensures a seamless experience for clients while maximizing product value.

Health-Conscious Innovation: JY Care’s products not only prioritize quality but also address health-conscious consumer demands, offering low glycemic index options and diverse sugar levels to meet market requirements effectively.


At JY Care, quality is our bedrock for success. As a Health Canada licensed GMP Natural Health Product Manufacturer and FDA Registered Facility, our commitment to quality shapes every facet of our operation.

We meticulously select premium ingredients and maintain rigorous manufacturing standards. Each JY Care product epitomizes our dedication to surpassing industry benchmarks.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence builds trust and enduring partnerships with customers. When you choose JY Care, you align with a company where quality is a way of life, propelling our unwavering quest for excellence in all endeavors.

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At our facility, we specialize in crafting high-quality private label gummy vitamins and supplements. We use advanced equipment to create low-sugar and sugar-free options, catering to our clients and their customers.

Gummies are popular among children and older adults who prefer them over pills. They make supplement consumption enjoyable and easy to digest.

Our range includes multivitamin, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and Omega-3 gummies, as well as single-ingredient options, offering a wide variety of choices.

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      JY Care excels in contract manufacturing, handling packaging and labeling for capsules, tablets, and softgels. Our advanced technologies cater to your unique unit and market needs, optimizing solubility and bioavailability. We utilize state-of-the-art testing and development processes to create high-quality supplements in convenient dosage forms.

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      Our dedicated R & D team works tirelessly to create innovative formulas, making high-quality nutrition more accessible. We collaborate closely with you, leveraging your insights into your customers and market, to tailor gummies that meet consumer demands. We also provide customized packaging solutions to suit your needs.

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      We provide regulatory services, assisting numerous private label clients in the submission of NPN (Natural Product Number) applications to Health Canada. Additionally, we offer support to our international clients in the preparation of documentation for importing products and securing product registrations.

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